Labour law

As our Clients are mainly business associations, we provide them, as employers, with advice on labour issues on a daily basis. We participate in the establishment of the employment relationship; we draw up study contracts, employment contracts, individual contracts of teleworkers and employees in executive positions according to various requirements and any separate agreements, non-competition clauses or confidentiality agreements which are in close connection with them.

In order to maintain regular and smooth employment relationship, we provide assistance in elaborating the internal rules tailored to the employers’ specific needs, for instance ethics and conflict of interest policy, rules pertaining to the requirement and keeping record of special work duty or rules establishing the conditions of taking advantage of extra benefits (company car, mobile phone, cafeteria benefit system).

We provide assistance in issues on scheduling working hours, or calculating wage supplements. In certain cases we provide legal advice in the course of negotiations with the trade unions.

We always pay attention that our Clients act with due care and fully comply with the legal provisions in case of termination of employment relationship in any way (ordinary or extraordinary dismissal, within or after the trial period), we assist our Clients in case of collective redundancy regarding the timetable, the organization of the collective redundancy, the communication with the employees, draw up the necessary documents and represent them before the authorities.

As legal disputes cannot be avoided in this area either, we regularly represent our Clients in labour lawsuits.