Corporate law

During their decade-long work for Hungarian and foreign Clients, the members of our Association have gained extensive experience in handling matters related to company law and company registration proceedings both for small and large enterprises.

During our work we advise our Clients in choosing the adequate corporate structure that suits best their needs in order to achieve their objectives, to perform their activities; we support them by exploring the legal background which is necessary for the preparation of the decision. We proudly put ourselves at the disposal of our Clients and formulate instruments of constitution and their amendments, minutes of quotaholders’ and shareholders’ meetings, shareholders’ resolutions and other relating corporate documents, rules (organizational and operational regulations), rules of procedure, furthermore we represent our Clients during the registration proceeding before the court of registry.

Our legal services cover all phases of existence of the economic organizations: from the foundation of business associations, trade representations, Hungarian branch offices of foreign-registered companies through the everyday operation and any possible transformation of the business association to the termination of the company with or without legal succession.

We conduct due diligence examinations prior to mergers and acquisitions and we arrange all matters of legal relevance related to the transaction.

In addition, if required, we prepare and review syndicate agreements which contribute to a more efficient operation and agreements regulating the relations of the members of group of companies with each other.

In addition to business associations, our practice covers the legal affairs of non-governmental organizations (foundations, associations), too.